Munchen.A humble workshop. Chasing shadows in the flickering light of day;
responsive like the changing seasons pasted along the barren walls.Centered,a desk,
covered in rolls of hand-picked natural
cloth at the determined whims of the creator’s hands.

Every design exercise flows from a dialogue or sentiment that lingers deeply within.
These raw thoughts are carefully translated to initial sketches,silhouette drapery and
meticulous patterns. It is a process that deliberately allows form to follow function.
In a controlled circular motion,every single garment comes to life,abreast with sartorial
marking and alive through its entirely natural surface.

The usage of hand-picked raw cotton,linen,hemp and wool,
allows for realistic patineand surface character to develop;just like mother nature intended.As the years cobble
along,these clothes will grow and change together with you.A conversation takes from.
They never overshadow or impose;instead the embrace individuality and character.

Each collection is crafted in limited runs by a modest local German atelier,run for
generation by passionate siblings who,like us,care for controlled quality creation.
Each assembled piece is touched by loving hands in a caring process;ready for a lifetime of curious escapism.

A place to call my own,
surrounded by family,crafting
together,never alone;Hannibal.





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