Olubiyi Thomas POP UP EVENT 10/28~11/6


From October 28 (Fri.), we will hold a POP UP event for "Olubiyi Thomas", which will be newly introduced in the 2022AW season.

We will have many items available only at the event, so please take this opportunity to visit the store.

Please take a look at this page to learn more about Olubiyi Thomas and the limited items that will be available at the event.

If you are interested in any of the items, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.



Brand Profile

Designer Olubiyi Thomas was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Glasgow, Scotland at the age of 3 as a refugee.
After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2013, he joined Kering's Alexander McQueen as a men's patterner.
He then worked as a dress patterner and dress shoe designer at Sarah Burton before founding his brand Olubiyi Thomas in 2016.


The concept of the brand is multiculturalism, incorporating the cultures of three regions: his roots in West Africa, the Scottish Highlands he has known since childhood, and London, where he currently creates.
The collection mixes the indigenous culture and customs of each region with the glamorous costumes of the Victorian era, with their many layers.

Another major pillar of the brand is sustainability.
With a strong suspicion of the discriminatory tendencies towards black people, mass production, mass waste, and exploitation of producers, Olubiyi Thomas runs her brand with an approach that is the opposite of that of the modern fashion business.

He uses only discarded clothing and home décor scraps, dead stock from small hand weaving converters in Scotland and England, and indigenous materials from his roots in West Africa.



2102.6 new lab coat in Grey check wool


Ombre check wool fabric on the front, linen herringbone on the back.
Both fabrics are dead stock from a Scottish hand weaving converter.


This piece has a constructed, tight silhouette based on our experience with Alexander McQueen.

2507.8 denim fron kick back work trouser in Grey check wool


Trouser that can be worn as a set-up with a coat.
This item is inspired by sailor pants of the slave trade era.


The back flap pockets accessible from the side are a distinctive feature of this design.


2304.1 grandfather collar shirt in black cotton taffeta and cotton muslin


Shirt with a transitional design, made of taffeta for the body and muslin for the sleeves.


Inspired by the layered style of the Victorian era, it features a long length that peeks out from the hem of jackets and other outerwear.


Inspired by the style of the Victorian era, this shirt is also designed to be worn with long sleeves fastened with cuffs to give a sense of volume.



When worn with a jacket, the length is as shown here.

We have the impression that many of the items in our store go well with Aleksandr Manamis and daub.


2306 Double Layered Collarless Shirt


This collarless shirt has a layered design on the front.
The layered part is made of discarded curtain lace fabric.


This item can be worn by itself to show the layered hem.


2303.1 buggy backless shirt in white cotton sheen viscose


Shirt in shiny cotton viscose.


The back of the shirt is designed to look like the back of a jacket.
This item allows you to enjoy various layered styles depending on your innerwear.


2102.5 Single breasted Mac with dart cargo pockets


Coat with a switch design using cotton on the front and wool on the sleeves and back.


The front is made of Brisbane Moss moleskin, a long-established British cotton manufacturer, with a washed finish.


The design features voluminous cargo pockets, inverted pleats at the back, and a curtain lace fabric used around the neck similar to the shirt.


3208 Waistcoat



Vest designed in the motif of a London Underground train driver.
It features wide shoulders and a silhouette that falls straight down from there.


The back of the Black vest has a switch in fabric, and the pleats are designed to resemble a kilt, a traditional Scottish garment.
This is the same item as the one we received for the 22AW season.


Olubiyi Thomas/Vest



Blue is a patchwork design of thick-ribbed corduroy and velvet. The corduroy is made from dead stock Brisbane Moss fabric, just like the coat shown above.


Red is made by upcycling discarded mouton. The bold design is characterized by the boned body parts.


RKBH Reversible Kimono back hoodie


This hoodie features a pattern in which the fabric from the back continues to the front and is constructed as a single sleeve.


Black is made from vintage rags, while Grey and Blue are made from dead stock fabrics from a Scottish hand-woven converter.


The Blue color has been waxed to protect it from rain, as seen on workwear from the Scottish Highlands, giving the fabric a solid feel.




Olubiyi Thomas/Parka

This item is also available in a different material for the 22AW season.
The color is Black, and the hood is made of pile fabric.

Two other items for the 22AW season are also available in our online store.


2303.1 Panelled High Collar Shirt


Olubiyi Thomas/Shirt

Shirt made of cotton viscose woven with botanical-printed jacquard fabric and lustrous threads.
Both fabrics are made from vintage curtain lace.



2507.92 Wide Leg Kickback Drawstring Trousers


Olubiyi Thomas/Pants

Pants made of herringbone fabric with checkered fabric patchwork on the front and wool fabric with a nep look on the back.

The patches are sewn by hand and have differences on the left and right sides, giving these pants a warmth that only handmade fabrics can provide.



The waist is fastened with a drawcord. The design using doves is effective as an accent.

Like the previous pants, the wide silhouette is inspired by sailor pants.



The event period is from 10/28(Fri)~11/6(Sun). We are looking forward to seeing you at our store.

If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us so that we can guide you through the wearing experience, sizes, and online purchase.


Thank you for seeing to the end.