Marc Le Bihan's couture line is full of washed out items with the warmth of handmade and one-of-a-kind items such as vintage remakes. The basis of his creations is to pursue the beauty of modeling by adding dyeing, boiling, salt shrinking, etc. to the samples created by modelers, and that is why he uses a lot of natural materials. His unique style, which is not bound by preconceived notions, is unique.


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, AleksandrManamis started in 2007 and is a kind of veiled brand whose designer is not disclosed. By using highly exclusive fabrics and producing almost all of their collections in their atelier, they create a unique world of craft and handmade. The details of each stitching, button, lining and parts are also the reason why the brand attracts many people.



Born in 2010 in Munich, Germany by two passionate brothers, Hannibal focuses on the use of natural materials. In order to provide impeccable products that match their philosophy, they work with real artisans with whom they have built long and trustworthy relationships. Most of the products are made near Munich and are handmade by artisans, which gives them the confidence and pride that each item strikes a perfect balance between design, formation and functionality.


First presented in Paris in 2018, daub was born of Italians Albina Pierucci and Mattia Cabazzino's long experience in the fashion world. daub is an avant-garde collection for men and women that draws on high quality Italian fabrics and the expertise of Italian craftsmen. Derived from a writer's jargon, the word "daub" means to reconstruct and evolve graffiti. The collection reconstructs and updates the waves of the streetwear movement, creating a hybrid concept as a new minimalism. The idea that avant-garde is not excess or exaggeration, but minimalism, is the neo-minimalism proposed by daub.

First Aid to the Injured

First Aid to the Injured" is the Japanese word for "first aid" which is the origin of this brand started in 2012. The intention of the brand is to provide basic items with a lot of detail, making them easy to add to your wardrobe, and also to make them affordable. Each year, a portion of the proceeds from this project goes to charity.

Jean Francois Mimilla

Jean Francois Mimilla is a handmade accessory brand created by the partner of "MARC LE BIHAN". Each piece is carefully crafted by his own hands and is beautiful in its delicacy and strength. Vintage beads and lace are reborn by his hands.

tous les deux ensemble

The letter W is the 23rd letter of the Latin alphabet, and its shape is derived from the letter V, which is doubled. The French word "tous les deux" means for two, for two people, both together, and "ensemble" means unity/combination. The word "ensemble" means "unity" or "to combine". The origin of the word "ensemble" is the coined word "two for one", which means to combine two things, things and people and to evolve constantly. It is a collection with the hope that you will discover a new self and a new you by putting on and taking off this brand, which was created through the cooperation of merging two things into one.