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tous les deux ensemble

W is the 23rd letter of the Latin alphabet, and its letter form is derived from the letter V, which is a doubling of the letter V. In French, "tous les deux" means two, for two, for both, and "ensemble" means to unite/combine. This collection is a collection with the hope that by putting on and taking off this brand, you will discover a new you and a new self.



GUIDI, an Italian leather tannery with over 100 years of history, started the GUIDI collection as a project in 2005. The company's work, which began with hand-dyeing, has continued to evolve and is now mostly object-dyed (product dyed), and the unique texture and presence obtained through use has established the brand as a rare brand of shoes and bags that are unrivaled.



Created entirely in his own atelier, MARC LE BIHAN's sophisticated collections are made from vintage and dead stock pieces, remade and handmade to perfection. The basis of his work is the pursuit of formative beauty by modifying prototypes made by modelers through dyeing, boiling, salt shrinking, and other modifications as he sees fit. Its original style, free from preconceived ideas, is an unrivaled and unchanging view of the world.



Boris Bidjan Saberi

Boris Bidjan Saberi is based in Barcelona, Spain, and all of his creations are finished by his own hand. The precise cutting, edgy details, and modern feel of the brand's products are a fusion of Gothic and casual styles, a breezy new modern style that is appropriate for today.


Leon Emanuel Blanck

Based on the concept of "ANFRACTUOUS DISTORTION" (intricate distortion), designer Leon Emanuel Blanck uses three-dimensional pattern work that differs from normal patterns to create a collection that is always original and unique. The asymmetrical formation is a unique feature of the brand. The asymmetrical formation is distinct from mere asymmetry, creating a unique world view.


m.a+ (m.a+)

Maurizio Amadi, the designer of m.a+, has been working with Maurizio Altieri at C-DIEM on a project involving the development and technical aspects of Linea Sartoria, taking care of all the technical aspects. Launched in 2006, the quality and originality of his own label have made it a favorite in top stores worldwide, and he has expanded it beyond clothing to include shoes, bags, and accessories.